The Silver Fox Awards Recap

By: Caroline Fiske and Michelle DeMartino

The 2017 Silver Fox Awards brought laughter, sadness, and joy to the end of the 2016-2017 Marist College academic year.  

The Silver Fox Awards, held Sunday, May 7, is an annual awards show held in the Nelly Goletti Theatre, in which aspiring filmmakers or media major students are able to showcase their talented work to the film and media department and students. Whether a short documentary film or an upbeat music video, the Silver Fox Awards recognizes the work of students who have gone above and beyond in captivating the hearts of all of the Red Fox film buffs and music addicts.

Jeff Bass hosted this magical evening, with Michelle DeMartino as the presenter. Bass recruited media department faculty and professionals in the field to introduce the lucky winners. Their long awaited dreams have finally came true, as they received a mock version of an Oscar or Golden Globe: the Silver Fox Award.

The awards show kicked off with an hour cycle of of the nominated videos being shown and Bass introducing a faculty member or professional to announce the winner. The categories were divided into Best Commercial, Best Documentary, Distinguished Service, Best Music Video, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film. The first three winners were announced before intermission, with music videos and some of the films being shown. Best actor and actress would be announced later, however, along with music video and film, chosen by audience voting in the second half.

Marist juniors Jen Bott and Valerie Mark, two of the four ladies responsible for “By, George!”, a film that was nominated for Best Film, reflected on this extraordinary night.

“Being with our friends and seeing the teachers onstage…seeing Bass onstage, doing his thing: it’s a lot of fun,” Bott said.

Seeing Bass entertaining the audience did really bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  

The Distinguished Service award, however, brought the most emotion this year, as Bass introduced longtime teacher Jim Biffle as the recipient and told the audience that it would be Biffle’s last semester at Marist. It was the most memorable moment of the show for Mark.

“The award that Biffle got…I loved being in his video production class…just that he was recognized like that and the fact that he was so grateful for it….that was really nice,” Mark said.

Even though the Silver Fox Awards is an award show where somebody wins and somebody loses, Mark and Bott reassured that they were going to persevere.

“Even though we didn’t win, I think the most satisfying thing was being nominated…hearing people react to it in the audience.  And then our professors came up to us after and told us how much they appreciated it. They were encouraging us to keep trying and everything; that made it worthwhile,” Mark said.

Bott commented about how winning is especially monumental for the seniors.

“I was really happy for the seniors who won because to me, it was kind of a thing that seniors should win…You build up your four years here and you finally did something, you accomplished it. So, because we didn’t win, it just makes me want to come back and do better and win in my senior year… I’m really excited to try again,” Bott said.

And with that attitude in mind, Mark and Bott, who are rising seniors, are ready to conquer the Silver Fox Awards once again next year.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.15.39 PM

Silver Fox

Header Picture:
Jeff Bass- Host

Molly Gamache- Best Film Winner

Jim Biffle- Distinguished Service Winner

Sarah Shatas- Best Actress Winner


End of Article Picture:

Jim Biffle- Distinguished Service Award Winner

Michelle DeMartino- Presenter

Jeff Bass- Host
Photography by Zachary Gawron


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