Video by Jamie Caniglia. Photos by Tara Guaimano & Jamie Caniglia.

At the beginning of each fall semester the Steel Plant gallery focuses on faculty work, and throughout the year exhibits from professional artists are displayed. But the last show of the year belongs to the students.

Bellis' work. Photo by Jamie Caniglia

Bellis’ work. Photo by Jamie Caniglia

At the end of each spring semester, the last gallery features only student-made work. After attending galleries that feature professionals, it is clear to see that the student shows attract more members of the Marist community. This year was no different. From the time the gallery opened, students arrived at the Steel Plant to show support for their peers. Artists from all grades had works on display. A variety of formats were used including charcoal, painting, photography and sculpture.

One of the artists, junior Haley Cimillo, said her canvas painting took half a semester to complete. Cimillo’s was the largest picture in the room. The vibrant colors and design constantly drew admirers throughout the night.

Another junior, Frank Bellis, built a chair. Bellis said it took the whole semester to complete because he had to work

All photos by Tara Guaimano.

Photo by Tara Guaimano.

when the studio was empty. The Steel Plant studio is not spacious and in order to accommodate the large piece, Bellis was unable to work around other students. In addition, he often had to wait for the varnish to dry before moving on. His eye for detail was apparent: he even sewed the cushion. It is not very often that a chair is included in the gallery, and Bellis’ work certainly stood out in the collection. Both Bellis and Cimillo have been featured in the student show since their freshman year.

Usually there is more artwork covering the walls and even extending into the hall, but the selection process was different this year. Previously, students have filled out forms and submitted their works for a group of professors to choose from. This year, however, there was no submission process. Instead, professors chose artwork from their classes to display.

The gallery will be open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. May 7 to May 15.

Cimillo's work. Photo by Tara Guaimano

Cimillo’s work. Photo by Tara Guaimano

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