Metro North is looking for somebody to take over a 28-mile long unused railway, in order to hopefully generate revenue in ways the vacant train lot isn’t now. This line stretches from the Dutchess-Putnam county line to Beacon. Metro-North Railroad President Joseph Giulietti said that hopefully an outside interest could develop real estate or bring about a revitalization of the line that is outside of the mandate of the Public Transport Agency…….One Suggestion, two words: monorail.


On Sunday, the 30th Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Ceremony was held in Hyde Park, to celebrate and honor the legacy of the former First Lady of the United States. The recipients of the award were celebrity chef and partner of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Sandra Lee, “Lethal Weapon” star Danny Glover, the President of SUNY New Patz Donald Christian, and 12-year old entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer…….After sharing a stage with the young entrepreneur, Glover must’ve thought, “Am I honestly too old for this s**t?”


Bob Dylan, music legend, was awarded the honor of the Nobel Prize in literature this past week. Dylan, 75, is the first musician to win the award and the first American to do so since 1993. This has raised some controversy, with some novelists questioning whether or not songwriting is worthy of the literature award to recognize, while others have celebrated the Nobel committee for taking a leap like this……..First the Olympics, now we’re winning Nobel Prizes, big year for the U-S-of-A showing the rest of the world how much better we are at winning competitions and awards.


The US budget deficit increased for the first time in six-years, the Obama Administration confirmed this week. At $587 billion, 3.2 percent of the GDP, it surpasses the $438 billion and the 2.5 percent of last year. Part of the reason for the uptick in the report were tax cuts on businesses that expired. President Obama proposed to pair the tax cuts with some tax increases on wealthy Americans, to avoid adding to the deficit, but congress refused……Wow, just think, this is the type of boring news that we’re actually going to have to read again starting on November 9th. No more sexy presidential races, only budget deficit discussions.


Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of an offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State on Sunday night. Martha Raddatz interviewed former Director of the CIA David Petraeus on Sunday about the plans not just to take ISIL’s territory, but how a system of governance will be set up in the post-ISIL world


Talks for brokering a deal for a new pause in Syria broke up within only a few hours on Saturday. United States Secretary of State John Kerry was unable to keep diplomats from Middle-East states, as well as Russia, at a table. This leaves Aleppo with even less hope of salvation, after the UN warned this week that eastern Aleppo was on the brink of total destruction.

Election 2016

13 women have come forward in the past week, accusing Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault. This comes in the wake of the ‘video seen ‘round the world’, in which Donald Trump is heard bragging to Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women. Donald Trump continues to vehemently deny these claims, calling the women liars, and unattractive……That’s right, 70-year old, living pumpkin with a bad comb over Donald Trump, is delusional enough to call anybody unattractive.


Julian Assange, Wiki Leaks founder, has continued dropping emails and transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s personal server this past week. Some of these leaks include the three Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches Clinton gave between 2013 and 2015. Campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails were also hacked. There were some emails leaked between advisors that questioned Hillary Clinton’s messaging at times, and showed frustration at her difficulty as a candidate…..Shockingly, we still haven’t found any that say that she wants to grab another world leader by the balls.


Donald Trump’s new strategy seems to be claiming the election is rigged and that there is a large plot against him to make sure he isn’t President. The “billionaire” is now making claims at rallies that the media, and the polls, are corrupt, as well as corrupt Hillary Clinton, and in collusion to make sure he loses on November 8th……Maybe Trump has a point, maybe 240 years or so of respected election results are wrong. We should look towards a country whose elections are always on the up and up. Like Russia.
Michelle Obama went on the stump for Hillary Clinton this past week, speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire. The First Lady spoke about how she was personally hurt by Donald Trump’s comments about women, and why Hillary Clinton should be President. The full speech is linked here……Serious question: Who runs for office first, Ivanka Trump, or Michelle Obama?


Saturday Night Live once again killed it with their hilarious spoof of the second Presidential debate. Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump and Kate Mckinnon does an eerily good Hillary Clinton It’s a must-watch.


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