Clowning Around

After reports of several clown sightings throughout Dutchess County, law enforcement officials made a statement saying that while they are taking precautions, many of the investigated reports have been pranks……What’s baffling is not that people are dressing up as clowns around Halloween, there are thousands of people who dressed as superheroes to go to comic con in New York City this past week. The crazy thing is that people are willing to try and scare people into thinking they might hurt them. That’s just a recipe for disaster, no?


Pay Raise for New York state politicians?

Next month, a panel commissioned to consider a raise for the New York State legislature, will make its recommendation. Currently, they make $79,500 a year.  Governor Andrew Cuomo, who may be in line for a raise himself, has said that as of now he would not approve the raise, as the legislature hasn’t made the case to the committee.….It has to be tough though, to turn down a raise for yourself. “No thanks guys, I’m good, I don’t need the extra money.”


Hurricane Matthew ravages Haiti, tears through southern states

Over the past week, Hurricane Matthew, the storm that ravaged Haiti, leaving thousands injured and hundreds dead. The storm made landfall in South Carolina Saturday and made it’s way up the Atlantic coast. North Carolina has felt perhaps the heaviest hit in the United States, with 7 deaths being attributed to Matthew. Governor Pat McCroy said on Sunday that “As the sun rises in North Carolina and the blue sky returns, our state is facing major destruction and sadly, loss of life.”


Galaxy Phones keep catching fire, production of phones halted

Samsung has halted all production of their most popular selling phone, the Galaxy Note 7, after reports continued to come in about phones catching fire. This comes after a massive recall last month of more than 2.5 million phones, due to the same problem of a faulty battery leading to phones beginning to smoke and catch on fire…….I don’t think that’s what the marketers had in mind when they wanted the phone to be “A hot commodity” (Ba dum tsss)



Ethiopian State of Emergency

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency this week. This comes after a deadly stampede at a religious festival/demonstration people, and has sparked even more anti-government protests. The Oromo and Amhara people, who make up the majority of the Ethiopian population, feel they lack representation and are a marginalized group. This threatens foreign investments in Ethiopia, should the region become destabilized.


Colombian President receives Nobel Peace prize

A shocking announcement from the Nobel award committee came this week, as they awarded the Nobel Peace prize to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. This, just one week after his peace deal, which would have ended a 50 year war between the Colombian Government and the FARC rebels group, was narrowly rejected by the voters of Columbia, who thought the deal was too lenient on rebels accused of war crimes….Santos said “I won’t give up, I’ll continue search for peace until the last moment of my mandate” after receiving the award, so I think it’s fair to say that he’s not satisfied with just one Nobel prize. He’s going to try and win back-to-back peace prizes. Maybe even a three-peat?


Election 2016

“Grab Them By the P***y”

In a now infamous video published this week by the Washington Post, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is heard saying truly deplorable things about women while speaking with Billy Bush before a television appearance in 2005…..It takes a shallow man to feel the need to feel the need to prove to the host of Access Hollywood how cool he is by saying crude and offensive things about women.


Republican Leadership leaving Trump

In the days following Trump’s comments about women being leaked, many Republican leaders rescind their endorsement of Donald Trump, with some going as far to say that he should leave the ticket, like the 2008 Republican nominee, and current Senator from Arizona, John McCain. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the highest ranking Republican in the country, said that he would not defend Donald Trump, but also would not pull his endorsement of the Republican nominee.…..There’s no telling what any of this means, we drifted into uncharted waters months ago. There’s more precedent for this on “VEEP”, than in the modern history of American politics.


Hillary Clinton transcripts, emails leaked

Wikileaks dropped a boatload of emails and transcripts on Friday that reveal Secretary Clinton’s cushy relationship with wall street, and revealing the inner communications of her campaign on how they thought she should handle Senator Bernie Sanders and what to do when she was attacked about her foundation……It was pretty much affirming everything that Bernie Sanders had said in the primaries about Clinton’s private relationship with people she’s giving speeches to. Somewhere in Vermont, an old man sighs, as he realizes all he really needed was the help of a Russian hacker to become the nominee.


Fireworks at the Vice Presidential debate…..Not Really

About 37 million people tuned in last week to watch paint dry, as Vice Presidential nominees Mike Pence and Tim Kaine met at Longwood University in Virginia for their first, and only, debate. Highlights included Tim Kaine perpetually interrupting Mike Pence, Mike Pence acting as if Donald Trump wasn’t his running mate, all the while first time Presidential debate moderator Elaine Quijano tried to get a word in edgewise.

Debate #2

The second presidential debate started out hot, as both candidates did the most disrespectful, hateful thing they could do to one another….They didn’t shake hands. Game on.

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz spent an hour and a half babysitting the two Presidential candidates, but the real star of the night wasn’t running for office. He was the hero in the red sweater, his name, was Ken Bone.

Hillary Clinton, when asked about whether or not a politicians should be “two-faced” responded by saying “Abraham Lincoln” over and over. I almost expected her to put on a top hat and start reciting the Gettysburg address. Even crazier, the context of Clinton’s answer was true, and she was literally giving a speech for hundreds of thousands of dollars, just giving her review of the movie Lincoln! Almost gotta respect the hustle.

Donald Trump said that he would appoint a special prosecutor, if elected, to put Hillary Clinton in prison….Yes, in a Presidential debate, one nominee tried to throw another in jail. Exactly how the founders drew it up.
Perhaps the best question of the debate came last, when a man asked “Can you name one thing that you respect about the other candidate.” I swear, even after all the name calling, feces throwing, lie spewing, democracy ruining discourse went on last night, this question got the most attention of the watch party I was at. Two people who hate each others guts, trying to pull a compliment out of the air. And the most shocking part was that they gave very nice answers. Clinton said she really admires Trump’s children, and Mr. Trump said that he respected that Secretary Clinton never quits, and never stops fighting. A surreal moment to end a surreal debate.

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