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If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, it is most likely dominated by selfies, random people you don’t remember following, and the Kardashians; which needs to change. After a while, pictures begin to just blend together as you scroll through Instagram, so try brightening up your feed by following a few of these vibrant accounts.


I cannot seem to remember how exactly I stumbled upon this account, but following @thecartorialist was one of the greatest insta-decisions I have ever made. The artist, Carly Kuhn, posts daily pictures and videos of her carefree, flawless drawings, which are generally of people and frequently include fashion. She has a unique way of drawing: with a scribbly personality and a sleek style.  Her pictures practically leap off Instagram and often pertain to the seasons, such as her “turtleneck series” this past winter and her spin on the American flag for the Fourth of July. Kuhn’s work is like no other artist on Instagram, so if you are trying to eliminate the influx of Snapchat dog filter posts, give @thecartorialist a gander.



This is a slightly more well-known account, though a good portion of my friends still gasp and hungrily ask “what is that?” when I scroll through my feed. @foodintheair goes above and beyond your average food account, sporting breathtaking views as the background to stunning pictures of food. If you’re into sushi burritos and overloaded hamburgers combined with Central Park and magnificent oceans, consider following @foodintheair.




Finally, @coffeenclothes is the perfect mix between couture and coffee, flaunting beautifully-shot photos of two of our favorite things. The types of coffee can range anywhere from your average cup of iced coffee to beautifully designed latte-art. Cozy and inviting, the pictures on this account momentarily inspire me to make an intricate design in my coffee; though I’m quickly reminded that making a drawing of a Chanel bag in coffee foam is tougher than it looks. However, if you’re like me and just enjoy to simply look at the pictures, @coffeenclothes is your place to be.

Hopefully some of these accounts will be the cure to your case of the “monotonous feed”, so take a look and throw them a follow!

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  1. Anna Quirk

    This is so cool… you are blessed like your mama. Thank you for sharing. This is Anna 💜

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