Photograph by MaryCate Greeley

A bobo in the morning and a cold beer at night: the signatures of Campus Deli. Whether you’re a freshman looking for an alternative to Sodexo’s food options or a senior stocking up on beer for the weekend, Campus Deli has your back.

What students may or may not know is that the owners, Stef and Sandy Sweirkosz, contribute more to the Marist student body than just quality food around the clock. The husband and wife team are big time Red Fox sports fans and they frequently donate food and cash to on campus events and fundraisers, like St. Jude’s Up ‘Til Dawn event.


Photograph by MaryCate Greeley

The couple has improved Campus Deli from a quick stop beer shop to a full deli counter.

“[My wife and I] have owned Campus Deli now for about three and a half years,” said Stef in an interview this Monday. In that time they have crafted a menu of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, breakfast items and even pizza, while still keeping beer and snacks fully stocked. With a mostly college student clientele, prices remain low to keep customers happy.

“We keep our prices really lower than anybody else. I know K+D charges a dollar more for breakfast sandwiches in the afternoon. We don’t do that. If our grill is on, for us to put an egg on there versus a chicken cutlet is the same thing.”


Photograph by MaryCate Greeley

“We have a lot of fun with you guys,” remarked Stef about serving mostly college students. “There are characters…You want to have fun? Come here on Halloween. I can imagine what you see on campus, but we see more of that here with the costumes.”

To prove how truly entertained Stef and Sandy are by the Marist student body, they have added a student’s signature sandwich to the menu: the Hidalgo, according to the Campus Deli menu is an “open faces sub with chicken cutlet, American cheese, fries, mozzarella sticks, hot sauce, ranch dressing and chipotle mayo.”

Stef and Sandy have turned Campus Deli into a real family business, creating a safe and friendly environment for college students when they venture off campus. With each customer entering the store, Stef seamlessly transitioned between greetings and conversations with familiar faces. To some students, Stef and Sandy are a family away from home. “We hire Marist students,” said Stef. “Some guys that we’ve had working here we got so friendly with on a personal basis that they invited us to their graduation parties. We went across the street for graduation, they’ve [students] introduced us to their families.”


Photograph by MaryCate Greeley

As for their pizza venture, they have been serving pizza for the past year to satisfy hungry students beforeor aftera night out. For one dollar, anyone can buy a slice of cheese pizza made from scratch that evening: no pre-made sauces or crust. As for the impact P-Ridge formerly had on Campus Deli’s business, Stef discloses, “P-Ridge has been around for a long time. They’ve had several different owners for the last couple of years…There’s enough business here to go around that it doesn’t affect us.”

Campus Deli is dedicated to students no matter what, be it inexpensive, quality food, nearly round the clock service or friendly school spirit. Stef and Sandy are truly honorary Red Foxes.

Campus Deli will be donating the pizza pies that The Circle is taste testing in the Champagnat Breezeway on Thursday, Sept. 15 at 5. pm.

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