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Justice Scalia in 1986

Justice Scalia in 1986

Supreme Court Judge Dies at 79

Tensions Rise In Syria

  • Four hospitals were bombed by Russian airstrikes in Syria on Monday, killing up to 50.  Turkish and Syrian forces are accusing Russia of targeting the hospitals on purpose in order to drive them out of the area and secure more land along the Syrian border.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry insisted that the American-led coalition against ISIL (the Islamic State) was responsible for these hospital bombings in Maarat al-Noaman. United States military officials said there were no coalition strikes in the area. “We have no reason to strike in Idlib, as ISIL is not active there,” spokesman Capt Jeff Davis said.
  • “Such attacks are a blatant violation of international laws,” said the United Nations in a statement.

Off to the Races

  • Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Donald Trump both won their respective primaries in New Hampshire last Wednesday.
  • Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a margin of 21%, making history as the first Jewish candidate to win a presidential primary or caucus.
  • Trump garnered 35% of the Republican vote, running away from second place finisher and surprise of the night, former Governor of Ohio John Kasich, who received 16%. Senator Ted Cruz, who won the Iowa caucuses the week before, finished in third place. Jeb Bush came in fourth, and Marco Rubio finished in fifth.
  • Tom Brady received four votes, coming from both parties, as a write in candidate last Wednesday. Although he probably would have liked to finish higher, I’m sure he’s just satisfied that he got more votes than the Manning’s.


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